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Add Mojeek to Safari

Safari does not allow you to use search engines which are not on their lists to be used as default or via their address bar, this is one of the ways that Apple creates a walled garden that pushes you towards search options that benefit it financially. In fact, Apple receives up to an estimated $15 billion in exchange for making Google the default search on its devices; if you would like an easy way of using Mojeek, we would recommend using another browser such as Firefox.

To Use Mojeek as your Homepage

  1. Open Safari and navigate to Safari > Preferences.

  2. In the Homepage box enter:

  3. Edit the New windows open with and/or New tabs open with dropdowns so they open your Homepage, depending upon your use case

To Pin Mojeek as a Tab

  1. Open Safari and navigate to

  2. Open a new tab.

  3. Right click on the tab with Mojeek open and select Pin tab.