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Mojeek Search API

Mojeek Web Search API

Retrieve search results from Mojeek's full index of billions of web pages with a simple API call.


Flexible Terms

Get in touch, we're happy to discuss your requirements.

Customisable Results

Highly configurable, ad-free, and relevant search results.

Many Applications

Perfect for your Search product or Machine Learning applications.

Easy to use

Simple HTTP request with results in JSON or XML format.

Pricing Plans

Simple, competitive pricing for your Search product and/or AI applications.
  • Queries per Second
  • Daily Query Limit
  • Storage Rights
  • AI Usage
  • Web Search
  • Focus
  • Results Per Request


£1* CPM

Pay as you Go

  • 1 Query /sec
  • 2,000 Queries /day
  • Storage Rights
  • AI Usage
  • Web Search
  • Focus
  • Up to 10


£2* CPM

Pay as you Go

  • 5 Queries /sec
  • 100,000 Queries /day
  • Storage Rights
  • AI Usage
  • Web Search
  • Focus
  • Up to 20


£3* CPM

Pay as you Go

  • 10 Queries /sec
  • 400,000 Queries /day
  • Storage Rights
  • AI Usage
  • Web Search
  • Focus
  • Up to 40


Let's talk


  • Custom
  • No Limit
  • Storage Rights
  • AI Usage
  • Web Search
  • Focus
  • Up to 100

* Excluding indirect taxes such as VAT, sales tax, GST.

All API plans work with Mojeek’s full set of advanced search commands and operators, and have customisable country and language boosting, site clustering, title and description lengths, and optional safesearch. Authority, keyword and semantic scores are available on custom plans.


What search data is available through the API?

Web search results which consist of URL, page title, and query dependent snippets. Ranking data is also available as below.

What about ranking? Do you allow re-ranking of results?

Yes, you are free to re-rank results as you wish. Custom plans can access scores for overall ranking, page authority, keyword matching and semantic matching.

Can I use the API for AI?

Yes, you can use the API results for AI with all plans. Note the question “Do I need to consider copyright?".

Can I store data obtained through the API?

You can store results on Business plan and optionally on the Enterprise plan. For other plans, you may store the results for 1 hour to enable caching.

Can I combine search results display with advertising?

Yes, you can use advertising from any source and in any form you choose.

Can I show or combine results with other data, and/or search results?

Yes. You can combine search results from Mojeek with those from other search engines, search services or any other data source. You can use the data with other data sources for research, reporting, AI or whatever you wish.

How are payments made?

With Stripe on a pay-as-you-go credit system. Invoicing may be possible on the Enterprise plan.

How should I handle language and location information?

Search results are often better ranked taking into account the preferred language, and the preferred location (region/country). So if your application of the API enables you to determine and specify that, we recommend you use the parameters specified in the API Documentation.

What other search parameters do you support?

There are numerous options such as number of results, multiple site search inclusion/exclusion, clustering, safe search, snippet length and so on. For all the details, see the API Documentation.

Do I need to consider copyright?

The Mojeek API provides a set of URLs, main titles and query-dependent snippets for web pages. All these web pages are publicly available and do not block Mojeek from crawling or indexing the page. The Mojeek API customer agreement does not grant any rights to use the third-party content on these web pages. Customers extracting content from the URLs provided by the Mojeek API should comply with the copyright terms of the web page publishers.

API Benefits

  • Freedom to place your own advertisements alongside the search results
  • AI and machine learning applications allowed
  • Usage alongside LLMs and chatbots allowed
  • Competitive prices, denominated in GBP
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Mojeek Search API Features
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