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XML Response Format

Below is an explanation of the format and tags contained in our XML response.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
	// Output is wrapped in a single response.
	// Request status, OK or ERROR AND MESSAGE. For Example, if your daily limit is reached, ERROR: Daily Limit Reached.
		// Start of general details related to the search query.
		// Full search query string.
		// Number of words in query which also relates to the number of word tags that follow.
		// Start of details on each word in the query.
			// Original and stemmed version of word used in the search.
			// Set to 1 if word was used, 0 if minus or stop word.
			// Exact amount of documents indexed for this word.
		// End of word.
		// Repeated for all words.
		// Time in seconds search took to complete.
		// First result equals start + 1, ie. 1st result equals 0, 11th result equals 10.
		// Number of results returned.
		// 1 if results count is exact or 0 if about.
		// Total result count.
		// Ranking method used.
		// True if duplicate listings have been removed.
		// The number of documents that will not be returned in the results due to site clustering. This restricts results by domain when performing a site search, or when filtering by categories (OrgSearch users only).
	// End of single head tag.
	// Start of cats_ref tag if popular categories to refine this search by were found
		// Start of cat tag
			// Category name.
			// Number of times this category appeared in the top 1000 results.
		// End of cat tag
		// Repeated for all cats_refs.
	// End of cats_ref tag
	// Start of cats_other tag if other popular categories were found
		// Start of cat tag
			// Category name.
			// Number of times this category appeared in all results.
		// End of cat tag
		// Repeated for all cats_others.
	// End of cats_other tag
	// Start of facet_dates tag if faceted search performed (OrgSearch users only)
		// Start of facet
			// date(UTC).
		// End of facet
		// Repeated for all facet_dates.
	// End of facet_dates tag
	// Start of individual result.
		// Document URL.
		// Document title.
		// Document description.
		<desc><![CDATA[your own topical or personal search engine. About Mojeek | Add Search To Your Site | Mojeek Copyright © 2007 Mojeek. All rights reserved.]]></desc>
		// Document size.
		// Date last modified timestamp.
		// Date last modified formatted.
		<date>Tue Jul 10 05:19:00 2007</date>
		// Date published timestamp.
		// Date last crawled timestamp.
		// Date last crawled.
		<cdate>Tue Jul 10 05:19:00 2007</cdate>
		// If set to 1 more results are available from this domain but have been excluded due to domain clustering.
		// Pipe-separated list of categories that the result is tagged with. Note: only appears for OrgSearch users.
		// Start of image tag.
			// Width in pixels.
			// Height in pixels.
	// End of result.
	// Repeated for all results.
// End response.