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UK Based Search Engine Mojeek Passes Billion Page Milestone

4 November 2015

Mojeek, a crawler-based search engine which has been developed in the UK is now searching over a billion web pages. Developed by Marc Smith, founder and developer, Mojeek aims to be the alternative search engine of choice, offering independent search results whilst not compromising the privacy of those who use it.

BRIGHTON and EASTBOURNE, England, November 04, 2015 - Mojeek (, the UK's leading crawler-based search engine, has announced that its index now contains over a billion web pages, an important milestone for crawler-based engines, and currently the only British search company to accomplish this.

Since receiving its first major investment, Mojeek has been concentrating on increasing its index size, improving relevancy, and preparing to scale its technology further. Mojeek was also the first search engine to have a no tracking privacy policy, so is pleased this has become a mainstream issue and that users are now more likely to seek out alternatives that protect their privacy. But there are still only a handful (English/Western Language) that maintain their own search index of over a billion pages, this results in a select few companies dominating a large and important service, and ultimately reducing consumer choice.

"A billion pages has always been an important marker for crawler-based search engines", said Marc Smith, founder and developer of Mojeek. "It's also important the UK (and Europe) has its own web scale search engine to compete against the likes of Bing and Google. Surpassing a billion pages is only the first step in achieving that goal, but reaching this important milestone demonstrates our technology is capable and ready to scale, and that we're firmly on course to become a genuine British competitor to the major worldwide engines."

To compliment its current UK and global sites, Mojeek is also preparing to launch both French ( and German ( versions of its search engine very soon. These are currently in an early beta stage, and they welcome everyone to check them out and send in their feedback.

About Mojeek

Mojeek Limited is a UK company based in the South of England, that specialises in developing its own web search and crawler technology, and which primarily focuses on providing independent, alternative, and unbiased search results, free from user tracking. Simply put, "no tracking, just search".


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